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Web-Based Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to greatly simplify the complex tasks of creating, managing, and updating your website’s content. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Projex 5. Our CMS provides web software that makes it easy for you to build and manage a website. Imagine the benefits when you can easily add, edit, and delete product information, build a new section onto your site, or launch a new marketing initiative in minutes.

What makes Projex5 so exceptional is that it's fully scalable to best accommodate your organization's future growth and can be accessed anywhere in the world with only a web browser and an internet connection! Projex5 starts with your choice of impact generating, professional web designs that are backed up by our search engine friendly site structure. Classic modules allow you to have multi-user management, file sharing, edit/create news and blog stories as well as create events to share within your company or have them viewed on the WEB by your audience.

Projex5: Classic Features

Web Page Management (CMS)
Includes our easy to use online editor. Add / edit / remove pages without using any code. Flexible interface allows both novice and advanced user to manage content and page structure. Projex5 Platforms are a 'back-end portal' which allow you to be in full control of your website at any time.
Contact Forms
Projex5's CMS allows you to track and organize your contacts with your current and prospective customers. Information about customers and customer interactions can be entered, stored and accessed by employees in different company departments. Improve services provided to customers, and use customer contact information for targeted marketing. With our Customer Retenition Management (CRM) tool you can identify customer segments, increase retention, improve product offerings (by better understanding customer needs), and identify your organization's most profitable customers.
Login Access
Variable roles and permissions allow you to safely store, share and make available content while protecting your sensitive information. Login from any PC with a browser.
Google Analytics Quick Setup
In combination with Projex5's built-in SEO, Google Analytics is used to track and understand how your audience is using your site, areas for improvement and to measure traffic and directional metrics. All Projex5 Platforms come with integrated SEO and Analytics, saving you time and money by working smarter, not harder.
Multi-User Management
Add multiple users with varying levels of permission i.e. Administrator, Staff, Client, Supplier, Member, etc. Control who is able to place and receive files, view pages and edit content in an easy to use Customized Graphical User Interface. Whether it's 5 users or 500, Projex5 works for all size organizations with no additional licenses to purchase.
News / Blog Module
Projex5's back-end office becomes your personal portal. Log In, make edits, post news/event, add users, contact memebrs, and more! Integrate existing RSS news feed or create your own company news. Web enabled Blog with manual and/or automatic controls to post on your News Page.
Events Module
Populate your staff and project Events with Projex5's on demand event creator. Enabling public event site location and automatic controls for Start & End Date/Time, with reservation enabled waitlist to meet Event capacity and optional on-line payment gateway (feature of e-Commerce version of Projex5).
Files Sharing
Centralize your company and client specific files for fast retrieval. In combination with the User module, create permissions which allow or deny access to Administrators, Staff, Suppliers, and more. Imagine a centralized location where your staff can store and retrieve documents related to a specific project. Projex5 allows you to upload documents to a project's designated folder where all project assigned users can easily download them. Projex5 also allows you to email files directly from the project folder for faster retrieval and sharing.
Ads / Media
Create Ads/Media specials for new or cyclical advertisements with automated starting times. Once created existing Ads/Media need minimal time to maintain and publish. Occurrences can be Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly and automated start & end date/time.

Side-by-Side Product Features

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  • Essentials

  • Classic

  • Legacy

  • Description

  • Page Management
  • Add / edit / remove pages without code.
  • Contact Forms
  • Track and organize your contacts.
  • Login Access
  • Manage user names / passwords.
  • Google Analytics
  • Quick setup and site monitoring.
  • Multiple Users
  • Vary permission levels per user.
  • News / Blog
  • Post your current events.
  • Events Module
  • Post Calendar Events
  • Files & Downloads
  • Centralize & Share files online.
  • Ads / Media
  • Easily promote your specials.
  • Project Management
  • Customizable modules to fit your business.
  • Task Management
  • Automatically apply user tasks.
  • Resource Management
  • Syncronized calendar / task management.
  • Follow-Up Surveys
  • Generate surveys to collect feedback.
  • Support System
  • Manage centralized customer support.
  • Auto-Reply Forms
  • Send immediate feedback via email.

... and many more. 30+ distinct features and modules with customizable controls allow a flexible fit which suits your business needs precisely.

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